Casualties in Ramseur’s Brigade

Originally published in The State Journal, Raleigh, NC on Wednesday, May 27, 1863

Casualties in Ramseur’s Brigade, May 1, 2 and 3, 1863

2nd NC TROOPS—Col W R Cox, commanding

Co B (Wilson County)

Killed—Privates W G Flowers; Wm R Mears, Williamson Davis, Wiley J Todd, and Jno. Eatman.

Wounded—Lieut G Fulgham, thigh; Sergt B H Boykin, foot; J W Forbes, mouth; Jas Fulgham, leg; Privates Joe Boyett, side; N C Christmas, shoulder; John Coleman, face; Ransom Davis, side; Taylor Eatman, shoulder; John Fiora, face and leg; Jas Kinnant, head, mortally; Dempsy Morris, head; N Moore, Jr., arm; Haywood Rose, arm; B G Simpson, shoulder; B Strickland, head; Wilson Todd, arm; W G Travathan, shoulder; A J Dean, side; J W Hinnant (since died.)

4th  NC TROOPS—Col Bryan Grimes.

Co F (Wilson County)—Lieut S Y Parker, commanding

Killed—Lieut S Y Parker, Lieut H V Stephens, Privates R B Baker, H F Pridgers, A J Robertson and J W Wilkerson.

Wounded—Sergt W P Fitzgerald, hip severe; Sergt H H Barnes, thigh and lungs severe; Sergt W E Winstead, leg slight; Corp Jas Gay, thigh severe; S M Scott, unknown; B Barnes, shoulder severe.

Missing—Corp J Y Atkerson, Corp J H Marshbourne, Privates E Flora, D G Jackson, F D Night, F Nixon, R Vick, Jas B Woodward, Jno B Woodard, J B Wells and J L Burton.

Source:, “Weekly State Journal,” Raleigh, North Carolina, 27 May 1863.