Fire in Greenville

Published by The Wilson Advance on Friday, 9 Jan 1880.


            Last week we gave a meagre account of the fire which occurred in our neighboring town, Greenville, about a week ago. This week we are able to publish the names of the losers, (thanks to the Express).

            “Those who lost by the fire are P. Patrick & Son, two stores, no insurance; M.G. Emil, drugs and medicines, no insurance; W.H. Horne, goods badly damaged and broken, insured; W.H. Jarvis, a store, warehouse, and nearly all of his goods, no insurance; R.A. Tyson, his entire stock of goods, fully insured; Alfred Forbes, two stores a ware house, several bales of cotton and a quantity of corn, not insured; and his entire stock of goods and another store badly damaged, insured; J.G. Rawls & Bro., jewelry; R. Moore, a large dwelling, insured; M.R. Lang, furniture and goods damaged, insured; T.R. Cherry & Co., one store, insured; N.B. Anderson, goods damaged, no insurance; Col. E.C. Yellowley, one store; Dr. C.A. Swindell, medicines; W. Shelburn, Photographing material, no insurance; C.A. White, four stores and goods damaged, insured; L.G. Heilbroner, goods damaged; James Long, goods damaged, no insurance; H. Morris & Bro., goods badly damaged, insured; D. Lichtenstein & Co., goods damaged; J.B. Higgs, goods damaged, no insurance. It is impossible to give a true estimate of the loss occasioned by the fire, but it is thought to be not less than $25,000.”


            From the reports of the Greenville fire, we regret to learn that our townsman, J.G. Rawls, who in co-partnership with his brother, was doing a large jewelry business in Greenville has suffered loss by the recent fire. Mr. Rawls is a young and energetic business man and we regret that he should be a loser by the fire.