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The Society offers a variety of publications to help advance your research within Wilson County. Books can be purchased securely online using a PayPal account. Many publications are in stock, but please allow 2-3 weeks for items that must be printed. WCGS will print out of stock items only upon receipt of order.


They Moved Away: North Carolinians Who Went to Other States
by Hugh B. Johnston
Paper with perfect or spiral binding, 59 pages, 1997A manuscript from the files of Hugh B. Johnston, noted Wilson County historian, containing miscellaneous emigration records. Edited and indexed by Grace Williamson Turner.
Limited Quantities. Out of Print.

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Abstracts of Wills, Wilson County, North Carolina, 1855-1899
by J. Robert Boykin, III. Perfect or spiral binding, 120 pages, 1992
Barnes Narratives
by Joan Howell, Editor
Paperback, 179 pages, 2011Joan Howell, a Barnes family researcher, was given Hugh B. Johnston’s Barnes family research files before his death. Among those records were typed narratives of those members of the family that he had researched extensively. Ms. Howell has typed and organized these into alphabetical order and fully indexed their names. She also included the extensive study, “Which Edward Barnes was the Son of James, Isle of Wight County, Virginia?” by Margaret Van Ness Nelson, Barbara Barnes Monroe and Carol LaPorte, which was included in the March 2000 issue of Trees of Wilson. This study disputes the previously accepted ancestry of Edward Barnes of Edgecombe County and throws the local Barnes line of descent from Virginia into question.
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Cemeteries of Wilson County, Volume I
244 cemeteries, 5,000+ tombstone inscriptions, 257 pages. July 1993. Compiled by Joan L. Howell, edited by Joan L. Howell and Sue Evans Mitchell. Includes (by quadrangle) Winstead Crossroads, Elm City, Pinetops, Stancils Chapel, Lucama, Wilson (Township), Saratoga, Kenly West, Kenly East, Fremont, Stantonsburg.
Cemeteries of Wilson County, Volume II
75 cemeteries, 5,900+ tombstone inscriptions, 389 pages. October 1993. Compiled by Joan L. Howell, edited by Sue Evans Mitchell and Joan L. Howell. Includes (by quadrangle) Bailey, Winstead Crossroads, Elm City, Stancils Chapel, Lucama, Fountain, Kenly East.
Cemeteries of Wilson County, Volume III
by Joan L. Howell and Sue Evans Powell, editors
Paperback, 316 pages, 1995Volume III contains information on 121 cemeteries and 8,000+ tombstone inscriptions. Includes (by quadrangle) Bailey, Winstead Crossroads, Elm City, Stancil’s Chapel, Lucama, Wilson Evergreen Gardens, Saratoga, Fountain, Kenly East, Fremont, Stantonsburg. Compiled by Joan L. Howell and edited by Joan L. Howell and Sue Evans Powell.
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Cemeteries of Wilson County, Volume IV
Wilson’s Maplewood Cemetery, 13,810 people buried (or intending to be buried), with tombstone inscriptions, 259 pages. October 1998. Compiled and edited by Joan L. Howell.
Cemeteries of Wilson County, Volume V
Compiled and Edited by Joan L. Howell
Paperback, 333 pages, 2015
ON SALE: $10.00
The two city-owned African-American cemeteries; 11,472 burials in Rest Haven Cemetery; and 590 burials in Rountree/Vick Cemetery, many without grave markers.
Census of 1870, Wilson County
by Joan L. Howell
Paper with perfect or spiral binding, 390 pages, 1993Includes all five schedules and every name index. Abstracted by Joan L. Howell, edited by Reese Ferrell and Joan L. Howell.
ON SALE: $4.00
History of Three Old Baptist Churches
by Hugh B. Johnston
Printed on request, 181 pages
Compilation by Wilson County historian Hugh B. Johnston includes Toisnot, Town Creek and Fall of the Tar churches with membership rosters. Special order, printed on request. Please allow delivery time of 3 to 5 weeks.
Marriages of Wilson County, North Carolina, 1855-1899
by J. Robert Boykin, III
Perfect or spiral binding, 975 pages, 1988
Two volumes of marriage abstractions.


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Hugh B. Johnston Files
Hugh B. Johnston (1913-1990), honorary historian of Wilson County, published a variety of books on the history and families of the county in addition to writing a regular column in The Wilson Times. A Wilson County native, Johnston was a professor of modern languages at Atlantic Christian College (Barton College) until 1978 and remained at the school as an archivist and curator until 1984. Johnston’s research notes are available for purchase ONLY to members of WCGS. These are copies of Johnston’s raw notes and, while difficult to read and use, contain many nuggets of useful information. The files are organized by family surname. Price is $.30 per page and depends on the number of sheets in the file. Email for total price to inquire about family surname and price for file copy or request quote by mail to WCGS, PO B0x 802, Wilson, NC 27894.
Above photo: North Carolina One Dollar Treasury Notes, 1863. Photo courtesy of Wilson County Public Library.