Letter from Nash county Correspondent, Dec. 29, 1879

Published in The Wilson Advance, Friday, Jan. 2, 1880.


Hymeneal — Ox Stolen — A Grown Beet, &c.

CASTALIA, N.C., Dec. 29th1879

            Our hearts have been gladden once more and merry Christmas with all its joys and pleasures, is marked with the things that were, notwithstanding its pleasant memories and sweet recollections will long linger upon the hearts of our fair visitors and especially our young men.

            Mr. W.T. Pullen was happily united in marriage on Tuesday evening last to Miss Annie, daughter of T.J. Braswell, Sr., Esq., of this place. T.J. Braswell, Jr., J.P., officiating.

            Willis May led to the hymeneal altar at the residence of the bride’s father on Wednesday evening last, Miss Cora Bartholomew, daughter of S.W. Bartholomew, Esq., all of this county, T.J. Braswell, Jr., officiating. May theirs be days of peace, prosperity and happiness is the heartiest wishes of the writer.

            Mr. James Moss had an ox stolen from him a few days ago under very peculiar circumstances and, up to this writing, has found no clue to the theft.

            Mrs. Jane Edwards comes forward now with the largest beet on record for 1879, which was raised in this place. It is over two and a half feet long, nineteen inches in circumference, and weighs nine and three quarters of pounds. If Mr. Watson, or any other ‘beeter’ in your county can beat that, they must bring out another horse.

            Misses Edith and Ellen Perry, of Wilson, and Eugenia Ratcliff, of Greensboro and Gracie Reynolds, of Halifax enlivened our town during the holidays and captivated and carried with them the hearts of several of our boys.

            J.A. Harrison, Jr., a student of the North Carolina University is spending the holidays at home in this place.

            Mr. Nero Ricks, son of George Ricks, Esq., of this county, will leave for Texas on January the 1st.

            Mr. John T. Braswell, a kind and hospitable gentleman, who is well known in Nash, has leased the Cobb hotel in Nashville and is conducting a well-kept house for the accommodation of all who stop in Nashville.

            The old year will soon be no more, though we all should still feel grateful to God that it is as well as it is that we have seen hearts made glad and souls to rejoice and should look forward and hopefully to a most prosperous and happy new year.

            Yours $c.

            PLAIN TOM.