Local News from The Wilson Advance, Friday, 12 May 1876


The Sick.

Mr. Alvin Clark, who has been confined for four weeks by serious illness is, we are glad to learn, rapidly convalescing.

Mr. J.T. Wiggins is still confined to his bed, but his illness is not so serious as first apprehended by his many friends.

Our senior crawled out from a sick bed yesterday much the “worse for wear,” but we hope on the road to speedy recovery.

Dr. Jas. Davis is out on the streets again after several days of indisposition and ready to receive calls for any work in his professional line — dentistry.



            Strawberries, 15 cts. a quart in Goldsboro.

            The doors of Nash county jail are wide open, and waiting for an occupant.

            The young ladies of Mrs. Geul. Pender’s school, celebrated Monday with a calico ball.

            The special term of Halifax county Superior Court is in session, his Honor, Judge Henry presiding.

            Mr. W.T. Taylor has been awarded the contract for building the new Odd Fellows Hall in Tarboro.

            Miss Mollie Bell, the distinguished North Carolina artist, is visiting her brother, Mr. Jas. H. Bell of Tarboro.

            A swindler by the name of Hartly has been fleecing the Enfieldians—He has been placed where the dogs won’t bite him.

            Messrs. C.W. Garret & Co., of the old Weller Vineyard in Halifax county are shipping immense quantities of wine North.

            In order to carry the municipal election, the Radicals of Goldsboro resorted to the “squatting” of county negroes in town thirty days before the election.

            It is unlawful to kill or shoot, trap or net birds or wild turkeys in Edgecombe county, between the 1stof April and the 1stof October.

            The Democratic Board of commissioners for Pitt county will make a clean sweep of the county debt this year with probably a surplus on hand in the treasury.

            The question of organizing a Building and Loan Association still agitates the public mind of Battleboro, Dr. J.G. Rives, heads the movement and of its success we have no reason to doubt.

            The Democratic Mass meeting held in Halifax on Monday last instructed the delegates of that county to the State convention to vote as a unit for Edward Couigland for Attorney General.

            Miss Addie Braswell, daughter of Arch Braswell, Esq., was happily united in marriage on Monday last to Mr. J.G. Hyman of Whitakers. The ADVANCE sends greetings to the happy pair and wishes them all the happiness attainable in their new relations.

            On Monday, at Orange court, an affidavit of the counsel for the defence on the ground that a sentiment prejudicial to their accused had been created by the publication of editorial remarks in the Hillsboro RECORDER and that a fair trial could be had the trial of 
Geo. W. Swepson was ordered to be removed to Wake county.

            The Ringwood correspondent of the Roanoke NEWS says “with Hancock for President and Bayard for Vice President we can sing.” As Jim Lawrence, the Raleigh & Gaston railroad engineer said when he run his engine over a little bull that stood on the track and pawed and threw dirt at the approaching engine, “we admire your pluck but d—n your judgment.”

Wilson College — Roll of Honor —

            The following students recited five-sixths of their lessons perfectly, and received no demerits during the week ending May 6th, 1876: — Misses Cynthia Tull, Alice Hines, Hattie Barnes, Mamie Blount, Annie Thomas, Mollie Young, Maud Barnes, Yettie Bullock, Minnie Green, Mary Harvey, Lula Gay, Ella Hackney, Manora King, Bessie Griffin, Annie Ruffin, Mary Cannady, Sallie Farmer, Olivia Waters, Laura Brinkley, Ellen Branch, Hattie Brewer, Lucy Little, Lula Bullock, Mamie Williams, Fannie Jones, Minnie Wiggins, Addie Ballard, Ettie Jones, Mary Pollard, Katie Edgerton, Addie Hardy, Rebecca Wiggins; W.E. Warren, Charles Aycock, R.E. Brinkley, Jas. Lipscomb, Curtis Howard, Louis Barnes, David Ruffin, Bardin Aycock, R.G. Briggs, Archy Davis, Rodolph Duffy, J.W. Hays, J.W. Hines, S. Alley, H.E. Biggs, I. Chestnut, Benj. May, V.F. Moss, Wm. Murrill, Frank Rountree, Jas. Rountree, B.F. Taylor, Joseph Daniels, Leinster Duffy, Willie Gardner, S.B. Waters, Jr., Thos. Yelverton, Sterling Ruffin, Henry Hutchinson, Louis Lyon, Alley Richardson, Herbert Rountree, Jas. Hilliard, Ed. Waters, Dred Peacock, J.D. Gold, Ed. Alston, J.B. Barnes, Frank Graves, J.M. Nunn, Taylor Young, Mercer Connor, Moses Farmer, J.H. Aycock, [Kemp?] Cutchins and John Gardner.