NCGS 2019 Fall Conference

A two-day event
Friday and Saturday, 1-2 November 2019

at the McKimmon Conference and Training Center
1101 Gorman Street, Raleigh, NC
Keynote Speaker: Roberta Estes

Roberta Estes is a founding pioneer in the field of genetic genealogy. She is also the author of one of the most popular blogs on that subject:

Roberta has been an obsessed genealogist since 1978. Many of Roberta’s ancestors seem to have either disappeared into or appeared during the confusing Revolutionary War era on the new Western Frontier that would one day become Eastern Tennessee. Records are scarce to nonexistent, leaving DNA testing as the only viable avenue to recover one’s heritage. Her “colorful” family history has allowed Roberta to participate in every aspect of DNA testing for genealogy, revealing unexpected surprises.

Roberta was one of the early DNA surname administrators at FamilyTreeDNA. She manages over 20 surname projects and is the founder of the Lost Colony DNA research projects. She speaks and writes widely about DNA and genealogy, including the Native Heritage Project at

Roberta speaks on genetic genealogy at national or international conferences. We are delighted that she will be joining us in the Old North State for both days of the NCGS 2019 Fall Conference. Please mark your calendars for the event!

Watch for more details about the 2019 NCGS Fall Conference in the July 2019 NCGS News and on the NCGS website.