History of the 55th NC Regiment

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“The Fifty-fifth North Carolina Regiment was organized at Camp Mangum, near Raleigh, in the early part of 1862. The companies composing the regiment were:

COMPANY A—From Wilson County—William J. Bullock, Captain.

COMPANY B—From Wilkes County—Abner S. Calloway, Captain.

COMPANY C—From Cleveland County—Silas D. Randall, Captain.

COMPANY E—From Pitt County—James T. Whitehead, Captain.

COMPANY F—From Cleveland, Burke and Catawba Counties—Peter M. Mull, of Catawba County, Captain.

COMPANY G—From Johnston County—J. P. Williams, Captain.

COMPANY H—From Alexander and Onslow Counties—Vandevere Teague, Captain; Alexander J. Pollock, First Lieutenant.

COMPANY I—From Franklin County—Wilson H. Williams, Captain.

COMPANY K—From Granville County—Maurice T. Smith, Captain.

[GEORGE W. BLOUNT, of Wilson County, was Quartermaster.]”

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