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"Those who don't remember their ancestors don't deserve to be remembered!"

Wilson County Genealogical Society

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The Heritage of Wilson County

Out of Isle of Wight County, down the Blackwater River; out of Nansemond County, across the Albemarle Sound and down the Chowan River; out of Southampton County, down Greenís Path came the immigrants from Virginia to this particular part of eastern North Carolina now known as Wilson County.

The early settlers came, lured by new land from Lord Granville, last of the Lords Proprietors, land newly freed from the threat of Indian attack, land that has a sandy loam ideally suited for growing the "green gold" of the colonies-tobacco, the crop that made Wilson County famous.

Hundreds of settlers came, and many moved on after a brief stay. Nearly 400 of these families were settled here when Wilson became a county in 1855. This makes Wilson County a storehouse of information for the thousand or more pioneer families who were here in the 1700s and 1800s then moved on to Georgia, Alabama, Texas, Arkansas, and other points to the west and south.

Extensive records are available for Wilson and its parent counties of Edgecombe, Johnston, Nash, and Wayne.  WCGS maintains its library as part of the Wilson County Public Library with hundreds of publications available for reference.  The Genealogy Room is open six days a week (closed Sunday) for visitors who want to trace an ancestor who passed through or whose family remains here today.

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